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Construct Advanced

integrates with Sage Payroll and Accounts, to make them specific to the construction industry:

Job Costing
Budget Control
CIS Processing
Retention Tracking
Purchase Orders
Detailed Reporting
Work In Progress

Construct Advanced users eliminate double entry and keep tighter control of project costs.
Construction control for UK business. Approximate turnover £1M+ or growing business, with required budget of £5,000+.

Sage 50 Accounts

Previously the Sage Line 50 Range - Visit our online shop for some of the cheapest Sage 50 prices online


Sage 50 Construction

If you already use a Sage Accounts package, we can add construction features, to provide an integrated construction accounting software solution.



Sage Construct Advanced | Sage 50 Construction

Sage Construct Advanced - Sage 50 Construction

Available for a single user, to an unlimited number of concurrent users, Sage Construct Advanced not only integrates with Sage 50 Accounts as Sage CIS software does, but also Sage 200, it is then called Sage 50 Construction or 200 Construction accordingly. It also integrates with both Sage Payroll and Payroll Professional, to provide a true end-to-end construction management software solution.

Sage Construct Advanced provides deep levels of costing and budget control if required, whilst integrating CIS Management, Purchase Orders, Variations, Valuations, Applications, Subcontractor Insurance Tracking. If you generate detailed Estimates the Construct Estimating module will enhance the software's functionality even further.

Business Process Integration

A seamless system throughout your business will save everyone time, the information will be entered once and be available to anyone with the appropriate system permissions. A single job is likely to have many stages from the initial estimate through to project completion, Sage Construct Advanced will provide you with total cost monitoring, including committed costs, your actual costs for the job, applications and actual sales right through to running the payroll and paying your suppliers.

Construction Job Costing

Cost structures can be as simple or detailed as required, saved as templates and dropped into a new job, setting up budgets can be a simple task.  When working with detailed budgets, alerts can be set, so the user is notified if they attempt to go over budget.

Purchase Order Processing - POP

Sage Construct Advanced manages your purchases against budgets with the Purchase Order functionality. Generate orders, enter goods received notes (GRN's) and on or off hire notes against a purchase invoice, to be sure you have the correct quantities and rates.

CIS Processing

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) process is virtually automated, when transactions are entered any Labour elements are identified, so when you come to do the monthly or yearly CIS return, Construct will look at what's been paid, generate the return, submit online to HMRC, then print your Subcontractor statements.

Tracking Variations or Extras

Each job created on construct can have almost unlimited variations added, you can add budgets against the variation or sections of a variation.  You can also clearly see what the variation is, who authorised it and the budgets against it.


Construct Advanced manages the whole process of sales and subcontractor retentions, once they are set at the contract level, all calculations are automated and figures displayed on reports and documentation accordingly.  There is even a report and simple invoice process for outstanding retentions.

Valuations and Applications for Payment

Using Sage Construct Advanced you can quickly create Valuations for each job in many ways, including accessing the job structure, then each item, section or subsection can be marked as a percentage, quantity or value complete, alternatively you can automatically base the valuation on your actual costs for that job. Once your Valuation is complete an Application can be generated in the format you require, you may chose to list each item or you may want it to be accumulative, Construct Advanced is flexible enough to format the applications in the way you or your customers prefer.

Aged Application Reports

Your credit control department can generate reports showing what has been applied for, what has been certified and what has been paid. Reports can be run off by contract and/or client.

Insurance Tracking

Construct Advanced tracks all subcontractors insurances. You are undoubtedly aware that you are liable if something were to happen and they are not fully insured, but did you know you may be entitled to discounts on your own insurance if you can show that they are! A simple monthly report identifies who's insurance is due to expire and you can then merge a letter to be sent out as a reminder.

Reporting with Sage Construct Advanced

Reports can be run by any user with appropriate system permissions, this means that everyone can access the information they need, just when they need it. No more time consuming number crunching to get the information you need to run your business. Alternatively ICA provides flexible, real time reports vial Excel.

The features of Sage Construct Advanced integrate fully with either Sage 50 or Sage 200 accounting packages, it is then known as Sage 50 Construction or Sage 200 Construction respectively.  Because the data feeds back and forth, you will not have to re-key any existing customer or supplier data.  If you are looking for a new accounts package please have a look at our Sage 50 feature comparison. Ledger Services provide full pre-sales demonstrations, installation, training and support services for both Sage Construct Advanced and Sage Accounts.

If you have any questions please either call us on 0845 009 5051 or use the contact form

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